VEgan & Thrive

recipes and tips to help you thrive on a vegan lifestyle


My vegan recipes are crafted to be super delicious and healthy, oftentimes involving the fusion of different flavors from various cultures. In my cooking, I utilize non-GMO and organic ingredients as much as possible along with healthy oils. Please check out my wide variety of recipes from desserts to drinks to entrees here! ♡


As a vegan with a biology background, I am passionate about health, animal welfare, and the environment which have led me on a journey to living a vegan lifestyle and dedicating my time to sharing my knowledge and tips on how to thrive on one. Feel free to check out my vegan lifestyle tips here! 

About The Author

Hi! My name is Katherine and I am the author of Vegan & Thrive. I grew up in San Francisco for the majority of my life, attended school there until I went to college at California State University, East Bay where I received my bachelor’s of science in biological sciences with a concentration in microbiology. For the majority of my life, I lived a non-vegan lifestyle, but transitioned to veganism in my early 20s. I initially became vegan for animal welfare reasons, but as I dived deeper into embracing this philosophy, I realized the many benefits that it offers including health and environmental benefits. As the author of Vegan & Thrive, I am super excited to share with you my recipes and tips on living a vegan lifestyle.


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